Hello, I need to replace the guts on two toilets. Thanks.

Sharon T

I would like an estimate to install a heated whirlpool walk in tub in my bathroom.

Robert W

Gas link. Need a plumber to help fix it.

Joseph S

Two projects... Need a house de-winterized, and need a leaking pvc joint in the plumbing stack repaired / replaced. Thanks!

Matt K

My garbage disposal is making a humming noise but is not working. I tried to set the reset button but it did not help. I also tried to see if something was in the disposal that could be prevening the blades from spnning and there does not seem to be anything in the upper portion. Everything in my condo is brand new so the garbage disposal should not need to be replaced. Thank you.

Christie H

Recently had house inspection completed. In report, listed items requiring repair include: loose commode requiring new wax seal, one gas leak on union junction on furnace, another commode that when flushed siphons sink trap, and leak on part of a shower knob. Also, the vent doesn't go all the way outside the roof, but instead terminates in the attic. Finally, there is a mixture of pipes around garbage disposal which aren't to code.

John M

I do not have any water pressure in the shower. I did after they got every thing hooked up but I have lost the pressure about 2-3 weeks ago. The pressure in the kitchen sink is great--it is just the shower. I would appreciate some one to check it out and getting a price. Thank you--


Flush in toilet is very slow. We tried Zep drain opener and toilet auger, but they are useless for our toilet. And we also cleaned the rim holes by a wire. House was built in 1987. Should the toilet be repaired or replaced

P. M.

Install sink on bathroom vanity. Copper plumbing. Water shut off valve broke off, that part needs to be replaced. Help? 

Jay J

I need a new Dishwasher installed. My old one is broken.

Marianne H